Service & fix of my 1099 adventure R
A year ago I discussed what all I would be into for this major 30,000 km service. It looked scary & real expensive. Jay quoted me $1000. Expensive but reasonable, especialy for the amount of disasembly that has to be done. And to have Jeff come out and discuss the service and solutions multiple times with me is something I cant do at any other shop. Jeff also went out of his way to solve a couple issues that the bike had going on which I am extremly impressed and greatful for. Char as usual gave me the service and info that I needed plus a well detailed bill, & had me booked in a 1 week reservation, you can't do that anywhere right now. In the end, Jay, Jeff, & Char saved my bike from a major catastrophe! In conclusion, you did extra work and still nailed the $ quote perfectly. I had to say to Jay ( Who also let me take his personal bike for a ride ), that I am a really happy customer! And that's why I bought bike from Riderz (Employee: Jay Costall, Char Webb, Jeff Lasko)
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Mike Ernst
Thank you for the reveiw Mike, glad your all fixed back up again!

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